Minimal blog extension that makes use of TYPO3s core elements.


blogging on TER

Or just install it via composer

composer require atomicptr/blogging


Basic setup

  1. Make a tree structure like this:

    tree structure

  2. The sysfolder “Posts” is where your posts will go later, in my case I hae 3 test posts: “First post”, “2nd Visible Post” and “Testa”
  3. Write down the page ID (you can see it by hovering over the sysfolder icon) of your “Posts” sysfolder (in my case it’s id=56)
  4. Add a “General Plugin” to the site where you want the posts to be listed

    General Plugin

  5. Select the “List Posts - Blogging” plugin on the “Plugin” tab

    List Plugin

  6. Open the constants editor (or just set the constant yourself) for “PLUGIN.TX_BLOGGING” and set it to the page ID you saved earlier (56, in my case)

    Set constants

  7. Write some posts! :)


coming soon…